Difference between the Android and IOS app developers
Difference between the Android and IOS app developers
Developing the app is the basic thing that needs to be done for the proper working of the business.

There is no doubt, that developing the app is a difficult task and it is increasing at a very fast pace due to mobile phone infiltration, popularity among the end-users and expanding the business needs. According to a survey it has been proved that smartphone users will reach more than 2.53 billion in 2019. The number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019. Apps developers India helps in developing the Android and IOS app in the most effective manner.

Let us discuss and compare the difference between the Android and IOS app development in order to understand the basic changes and complete a more suitable OS platform to build an app for your business.

Let's take a look at some of the differences that are commonly by developers during the process of creating mobile apps for Android and IOS.

Programming language:

The Android and IOS operating systems are set up in different programming languages. This is one of the biggest differences as the IOS app runs on Objective-C / swift whereas the Android apps run on Java.

Examining the app:

The testing of an app is an important part of the mobile app development process. This process is the same for games and other kinds of software. It is very important to ensure whether the app is working properly or not. For testing the apps the IOS simulator and Android emulator are generally used. There is no doubt that the IOS simulator works much faster than the Android counterpart. However, the advantage of using the Android emulator is more effective as it uses the virtual machine including CPU which is more realistic than the IOS equivalent. The fact is that the IOS simulator often fails to deliver the correct and realistic representation of Apple devices. This is the reason, why the testing is necessary to carry out various tests on real mobile devices to see the app's interaction flow and to detect the possible errors.

Delegate vs Adapter:

The IOS uses the delegate when they are using the delegation pattern. In the Android, all these patterns are designed with an adapter. Although it is true, that they are meant for different platforms and are expressed through words.

Apps developers India are providing their services at affordable prices as compared to the app developers of the other countries. The business owners dealing with the Indian app developers won't face any difficulty in explaining their requirements as the Apps developers India are very fluent in English and try to work for their clients as per their requirements. The cost of hiring Indian app developers is reasonable. App developers India are becoming very popular in their field of work and are best known for the services they are providing across the world.

On average, it cost around $27,000 to develop an IOS app whereas, it takes $23,000 to develop an Android app. In India, the cost of developing an app is affordable.

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